Different Hats and the Political Routes


The bowler hat quickly became a democratic hat. He was worn as a stylish accessory for a jacket suit that replaced a frock coat. The bowler hat gave a dapper look and made it possible to think that everyone could be a gentleman if he put on the right hat. The bowler hat had lost its role since the end of World War II, but in England, it remained an integral part of the official costume of the City of London until the 1960s. To this day, pots can be seen at the races in Epsom and Ascot. And today, traditionally, guard officers are required to wear a bowler hat when they dress in civilian clothes. Now you can take a look at https://trumpmagas.com/products/make-america-great-again-hat   to understand the modern trend.

No matter how popular the top hat and bowler hat, the word that is associated primarily with a fedora. This is a gentleman’s classic hat with a soft brim that can be worn raised or lowered. The name “Fedora” was received from the play of the same name by VictorienneSardoux in 1882.


The famous “Fedora”

“Fedora” is also called snap-brim broken field, because it is customary to break the back of the field of the hat up, and lower the front to the eyes for greater mystery. There are three dents on the top of the Fedora. Right, left, top for the three fingers that raise the heat at the sight of a particularly seductive lady. At the end of the 19th century, men and women flaunted in it, from the First World War until the 1950s, it turned out to be the prerogative of the stronger sex and on the threshold of the 1980s, and fedora was expropriated by courageous women, pre-feminists who wore shirts with ties, waistcoats and anklets. Today, Fedora is in vain and waiting in the wings.

Pork pie a hat that looks like a bowl: Short, almost cylindrical tulle with a hollow resembling a pinch of a pie, and short fields bent up.

Trilby – the hat of hunters and riders: a triangular silhouette, short, slightly lowered fields; more often than others appears in the collections of modern brands. The classic trilby should be brown in color, and its tulle should have a significant dent in the front. Once she was the darling of the financial aristocracy, now she has gone to the people. The name of the hat is borrowed from George Dumurier’s novel Trilby. Today, the trilby is undergoing a renaissance. Every second rapper, hip-hopper, performer of other newfangled music appears in front of the viewer in a small-checkered hat of the indicated style. Out of the total mass stands out dude ToninoKaratone his trilby is a thick black color with a wide silk ribbon and a bow on the side.

Hat is woven from the leaves of a jeep Jap palm tree

It is so soft that it can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket. Panama itself is usually a straw color with a black ribbon on the top. Its history is associated with the construction of the Panama Canal connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. She protected the heads of builders and engineers so well from the sun that they fell in love with Panama and took it with them to their homeland, the States and Europe. Panama fashion has spread instantly. It was especially relevant for the British, unaccustomed to direct sunlight.