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Power to Choose Houston

The lime deposit is a big culprit when it comes to wasting energy. We are thinking in particular of the washing machine and the dishwasher. A lime deposit of two or three millimeters can increase the consumption of your device by 25%. Not only will regular descaling increase the performance of your machines, but they will also last longer. Two birds with one stone. With the Power to Choose Houston you can now find the best choices.

  • The average annual consumption of a class A + washing machine or higher is 100 kWh, at the rate of 4 detergents per week. An old energy-consuming device will certainly consume 300 kWh for the same number of washes. If in your case you do much more than 4 detergents per week, the difference in consumption will be exponential.
  • While optimists say that you should be satisfied with a half-full glass, this does not apply to your washing machine. It is more advantageous to run one full machine than two half-full. So wait a while until your laundry basket is completely full.

Is a mountain of laundry waiting?

Power to Choose Houston

Washing at 60 degrees is perfectly sufficient. If the laundry is heavily soiled, you can then select the highest temperature but no need to make it a habit. Can you select the number of turns for the spin? Then select 1200 or 1600 revolutions or minutes. The laundry will be well spun and will require less drying time.

As with the washing machine, it is important to use dishwasher optimally. Do not operate a machine that is half empty, but rather wait until it is completely filled.

The latest generations of washing machines are equipped with sensors that measure the quantity of laundry and its degree of dirt, and they will adapt the amount of water and the temperature only necessary. This avoids wasting water and energy. Are you buying a new machine? This is an interesting element to take into account.

The consumption of a dryer can quickly reach 500 kWh per year or more, we can consider that this device is, therefore, a real greedy. The idea of hanging your laundry outside when the weather permits and preferably with a light breeze is not an absurd idea and in case of rain a drying rack in the living room or garage can also help save energy. After each operation, the dryer filter is probably filled. Do not forget to clean it after each drying session. As fabric dust prevents moist air from escaping, your dryer consumes more energy with a clogged filter.

Clean the filter in your dryer. Otherwise, your device will consume more energy.

Do shirts, T-shirts and pants have to be ironed after drying? Do not dry the laundry too much, this will greatly facilitate ironing. Ironing slightly damp clothes takes less time than if they are dry. Thus, your dryer runs less time and your iron is stored all the more quickly. Are you not passionate about ironing? As soon as the drying program is finished, fold the laundry directly. You will no longer even need an iron.

An evening spent in front of the television, getting information on current events with your tablet or smartphone, watching the new series and new films thanks to the decoder, or playing a virtual football match with friends: in each home are the devices that make it all possible. You will not be surprised to know that here too you can save money. Maybe even something to offer you a whole evening away from home.