How to choose an affiliate program: tips and examples

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Earnings on an affiliate program can be an excellent source of income for the owner of an online school. You can promote your product for a small commission or make money by advertising other products. To begin with, we will understand what an affiliate program is and why it is needed. Relatively speaking, this is an exchange that brings together advertisers and owners of sites on the Internet sites, communities on social networks, and a subscriber base. The program works according to the CPA scheme: “cost per action”, pay per action. The use of the quora partner program is perfect there.

What do affiliate programs promote?

With the help of affiliate programs, they promote goods and services. A separate topic is the promotion of information products. Let us consider in more detail what the differences between them are.


Real products that the buyer can purchase online, for example, are appliances, clothes, food.

An example of earning: You have an online school for those who want to lose weight. Find a partner for the sale of sports nutrition, post a link to it in posts, and advertise on webinars. If students decide to buy something from this store get your commission.


Services also sell well over the Internet. For example, these are intermediary services in booking hotels or airline tickets.

An example of earning: You train people to travel economically and reasonably. Place a banner from the airline reservation network on your website and receive a commission for each flight purchased.

Information Products

With the help of affiliate programs, the owner of an online school can promote his courses and at the same time make money on the promotion of colleagues. The main thing is to choose a reliable affiliate program and choose colleagues from related fields so as not to create competition for us.

An example of earning: You sell courses for programmers. Successfully, there are many satisfied students on your site. Post a link to English courses a good developer must know the language, this is an important moment in his career.

How to make money on an affiliate program

You place a link on your website with a special identifier tag the user clicks on it and performs the desired action, the affiliate transfers money to you.

What actions are paid?

  • Follow your link
  • Transfer of contacts email and phone, through the form on your website
  • Registration by a special link
  • Downloading a file or application
  • Checkout, purchase

The amount of income is not limited. You can choose an affiliate program that pays a one-time fee for a sale or find one that constantly transfers a commission for using their service. The hosting provider offers a permanent commission for using its service.

How to promote your product with the help of “affiliate program”

quora partner program

The algorithm for promoting your online school is simple:

Choose an affiliate program one or more. Sign up. Add products, indicate the cost. In some affiliate programs, you will have to indicate the legal address and details. Wait while the service checks the data. Dates are different on average about 30 days. Choose what exactly to pay for transition, registration, downloading, filling out the form. The affiliate program provides such an opportunity, and then you get links to the creators of the webmasters, approve of them and waiting for sales.