Perfect Google Sheets reports As per Your Requirement

Google Sheets reports

The Google Sheets reports online site is fully translated into French, as are the downloaded applications for smartphones and touchpads. The user is thus guided in his procedures and easily accesses the various functionalities of the service.

Google Docs on Windows

You do not need to download Google Docs to use its features on your computer with the Windows operating system. Being accessible 100% online, the text editor does not require any prior installation, unlike the Word software published by Microsoft.

Google Sheets reports

Google Docs offline

In the absence of a web connection, it is still possible to consult its Google Docs files. To do this, you must use the Chrome browser and have previously installed the Google Docs Chrome extension offline.

Google Docs: the alternatives

If Word remains the market leader in word processing, it is gradually being challenged by 100% Web publishers. Google Docs, of course, is one of the most used services, but it is not the only one. Others, such as Microsoft Office Online, Zoho Docs, Dropbox Paper or LibreOffice, continue to nibble on the ground.


To improve the use of its text editor, Google has provided Google Docs with a REST API, in other words, an application programming interface. The latter is mainly intended for businesses and allows developers to automate certain functionalities and tasks previously carried out “manually”, such as, for example, editing invoices or payslips.

To help users personalize their documents, Google provides them with templates. It is thus possible to create files from templates: CV, letters, brochures, reports to access the gallery of templates, you must be logged in to your Google account and follow the instructions given here.

Google Data Studio is a very popular tool for creating dashboards and reports that are easy to use, customize, and share. Raw data can be difficult to understand and tedious numbers to talk about. Google Data Studio helps turn your data into engaging and informative reports. It is a great tool for monitoring and controlling the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that support business objectives and is able to generate high-quality periodic reports.

In a simple way, we can say that Data Studio works like Google Analytics 1000 power dashboards. For example on Google Analytics dashboards, you are limited to 12 widgets per table and you can only connect to the data of the particular view in which the dashboard is located.

When using Data Studio the limits are much higher and you are not limited to 12 widgets, moreover, you have the possibility of adding as many report pages as you wish and you can connect reports with several Google Analytics accounts and views.

In data processing, there are several stages:

  • Harvesting
  • Accessing
  • Analyzing

You easily understand that the more you advance in these different stages, the more your results will be relevant for taking actions or modifications. In terms of competitive opportunities, understanding Google reports and drawing the consequences in real-time is a major advantage in the world of digital competition.

The advantage of Data Studio is that it is one of the most powerful and user-friendly tools, its use, although often limited to the Google ecosystem, will allow you to generate high-quality and reliable reports. Some professionals criticize Data Studio for limiting the connectors which are mainly Google data sources, with the exception of MySQL and a few others.