The Perfect Dubai Travel Options You Need to be Aware of

Dubai bog

Dubai is associated with a fairy tale in reality. Everything here is so different from our life that it seems unrealistic. Where did this mirage come from right in the middle of the desert? Are there really artificial islands, duty-free shopping paradise, bold construction projects, and even underwater hotels? Meanwhile, we are separated from the UAE by 6 hours of a direct flight, so we can check everything ourselves. In this article, you will learn all the important information that is useful to tourists. With Dubai bog travel this is important.

Customs regulations

There are no restrictions on the import and export of money, however, if the amount exceeds 100 thousand dirhams about 25 thousand dollars, it must be declared. In general, customs rules are almost no different from generally accepted standards.

Dubai bog

You cannot import:

  • Audio, photo and video materials with obscene content or harmful to Muslim customs,
  • Drugs, medications and psychotropic drugs if you need to take some medicine, you will have to present an individual prescription,
  • E-Sigs,
  • Goods made in Israel.

The norm of strong alcoholic drinks for 1 person over 18 years of age, not a Muslim is 4 liters. You can also import up to 24 cans of beer with a capacity of not more than 355 ml. The norm of tobacco products is 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco.

A written declaration is required if you plan to import:

  • Money worth more than 100,000 dirhams,
  • Gifts worth more than 3,000 dirhams,
  • Domestic animals note that many breeds of dogs are prohibited, and all animals must have an international veterinary passport with vaccinations,
  • Books, CDs and other media,
  • Special radio equipment and other devices.

If you do not have items to be declared, then go through customs through the Green Corridor, if you have, then through the Red Corridor.

Helpful information

The sockets are British-style 3-pin, so just in case, take an adapter with you. Although in some hotels the adapter may be sold to you or given for free use. The official language is Arabic, but you can communicate in English almost anywhere.

Money and card payments

The local currency is the Dirham exchange rate 1 AED = 7.10 UAH. It is best to come with dollars and exchange them at a private exchange bureau, there is a better rate such points are located on every street and in shopping centers. For 1 dollar give 3.67 dirhams. We do not recommend changing money in hotels, because the rate there is lower. You can pay with standard Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Where to live?

Dubai, a city of luxury, is famous for its fantastically beautiful and indecently expensive hotels. But this does not mean that with a modest budget it makes no sense to go here. The city has international hotel chains that offer rooms for every taste and budget, for example, Holiday Inn Express, Premier Inn and Ibis.

If you want to save even more, check into youth hostels located near Dubai Airport. They offer a bed for as low as $ 20 per night. The tourist’s dream is to spend the night in a five-star hotel without draining your budget. Many prestigious hotels, such as the Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai or The H Hotel, often offer online discount promotions. Some lucky ones manage to rent a luxurious room for $ 200.