Tips to get rid of that Muffin Top

The Issue of Muffin top is the most common for both Males and Females. Over the past years, the fat ratio has increased in humans. This article aims to provide relevant information about some tips for the reduction of Muffin Top

Typically, a muffin top is often as love handles and it occurs when an increased or visceral fat is shown while wearing slim-fit jeans. When a person whether a man or woman has a muffin top, it is impossible to wear slim fit clothes including jeans or T-shirts. Various doctors revealed the root cause of increased love handles is an unstructured diet. When we eat unhealthy food and even home food continuously without a break, at that time, the consequences of the Muffin top occurs.

To get rid of Muffin’s top, you can get in touch with a highly experienced Plastic surgeon as he gives you proper treatment at an affordable price.

Following are some essential tips to reduce the effects of Muffin top or Love handles:

  • Change Your Diet: For an individual having an excess amount of love, handles have to switch their diet into nutrition one because our abdomen deposits excess calories, while some foods give their contribution in the build-up of love, handles around the waist. Foods like White bread and Meat. Due to the consumption of these heavy foods, you can gain weight more rapidly.

If you consult with a doctor he would prefer high calories & fiber-based diets such as grains and protein like boiled fish and chicken breast. Add high fiber such as boiled brown rice, oatmeal and many more that reduce the effects of muffin tops and make your abdomen slimmer and fitter.

  • Need Help from the best & effective exercises: With the addition of a new diet in the chart, you need to burn some extra calories & fat from the body. Heavyweight exercises & abdominal strength exercises are the best ways to get rid of unnecessary Muffin top. Some of them are explained below:
  • Rolling Plank: It is one of the core exercises for reducing the effects of love handles. It effectively improves strength & makes your body fitter & finer. You can perform this exercise by following ways:

Roll or turn your body into a plank posture as your full weight is on both elbows and form your body in a straight line.

  • Butt Lift: This exercise also helps you in removing your unnecessary love handles. There are lots of exercises under butt lift including Deadlifts.

A Powerful alternative of Plastic Surgery: If you really wanna get rid of Muffin top, you have lots of surgical options that depend on your fat amount or lose tissues. Plastic surgery treatments such as Liposuction and Coolsculpting can remove excess fat cells from your body to some extent. This process is performed by exposing the loose tissues of your abdomen to some sort of cold temperatures to eliminate the fat cells. But the main advantage is that it doesn’t damage your inner muscles. After some amount of time, the dead cells or fat cells are removed from the body slowly. Through this, you can attain two things first, you will lose weight and secondly, you will get a brand new look that boosts up your confidence.