What Does a Web Designer Do?

People usually know very little about the skills of a web designer. The truth is a web designer is not just someone who creates alluring and arresting websites but there is a lot of work going on behind the curtain that a web designer takes care of.

Right from gathering all the information, assembling the content to designing a layout for the display of the content, a web designer looks after all these aspects. Their job is not just to create visually appealing images but also to spread the required message to the users. On the whole, everything they do has to satisfy their clients and lead them towards growth. Their primary goal is to understand the needs of their clients.

The major duties of a web designing company or SEO agency based in Liverpool such as Blue Whale Media are listed below :

  • Utilizing the most advanced technology to create a functional website.
  • Building easy navigation elements for user’s ease.
  • Giving a beautiful vision to the ideas and needs of clients.
  • Transforming the brand into colors, fonts, layout, and graphics.
  • Utilizing HTML coding
  • Displaying good quality content
  • Using the SEO (search engine optimization) tools
  • Keeping the website updated at all times.

Guide to become a professional web designer

There are some unschooled web designers who do not take any formal education or degree in web designing, instead, just learn all the HTML skills and languages on their own and then create free projects for their know ones in order to enhance their skills and build a strong portfolio. Apart from this, the ideal way to master in web designing is to obtain a formal bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science or Graphic Designing. The curriculum of such a bachelor’s degree helps you learn HTML, programming, graphic designing, administration, layout, scripts, etc.

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What it is like to work as a web designer?

We all know that the world is transforming into a digital hub. All forms of businesses are trying to make their digital presence more and more impressive. The prime source of employment for web designers lies in the design firms and large corporations. But many of the web designers are now becoming self-sufficient and handle clients independently. As per the statistical report, almost 16% of Freelance Web designers work from home and make a good amount of money. There is also another 5% niche of web designers working for the Software Publishers and another 5% working in technical Consulting services Advertising and Marketing firms also employ web designers for the growth of their brands. Apart from this, web designers could also be employed in hospitals, schools, nonprofit organizations, banks, etc. Web designers usually work around 40 to 50 hours a week. Designers working from home can comfortably work on the computers while relaxing on their sofas. Some of the famous Tech companies open for web designers include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Adobe, Google, Facebook, etc.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the requirement of designers is expected to grow substantially by 20% in the next 7 years. The web designers are fortunate enough as the unemployment rate in this field is merely 1.3%. According to the US News and World report, web designing has been acknowledged as the third-best tech job and 13th top STEM career. The annual income of a web designer is something around $69,430. Honestly, the working style and working hours for the web designers are very much comfortable and do not involve much stress. Their salary potential is also exceptionally good.

Washington and California are two of the highest paying states for web designers with an average of $134,310 and $90,230 respectively.

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Technical skills of a web designer

The ones having a great interest in computer programming languages are more likely to outshine in this field. The proficiency of HTML is an essential requisite to flourish as a web designer. HTML plays a big role in how your website actually appears to the viewers. Another important element is CSS or Cascade Style Sheets, which is responsible for font, background

and the color of the web pages.

For WordPress users, knowledge of PHP is extremely vital for the functionality of the website. Other tools like JavaScript, Python, C++, Swift, SQL, etc. are also fundamental tools of web designing.

Other essential skills of a web designer

It’s not just the technical skills that make one a good web designer but certain soft skills are also required to enhance their work. To begin with, communication skills are one of the most significant skills that a web designer must possess. Good communication skills help the designer to better understand the needs of the client and hence deliver exactly the required thing. It also helps them to develop a good understanding amongst the team members. 

Secondly, creativity is a must thing that can create wonders in this career. The ability to do something unique is what makes you transcend your competitors. Time management is another important thing that creates a good impression of a web designer. Knowing how to manage surplus work with strict and narrow deadlines is a must skill of a web designer. It teaches you the art of multitasking. Certain behavioral skills like patience and optimism are also extremely important. Patience helps you to stay calm in case of any technical blunders.

Dedication to learn more and more is one of the best behavioral attributes of a web designer. One should timely update themselves with the new web tools and make the most use of their education and skills to create the best content for their clients

Job Search Tips for a Web Designer

Design an attractive portfolio that showcases all your previous projects. A free digital portfolio can be built on platforms like WordPress or Adobe. Do not forget that your portfolio is your first impression and it should be nothing less than the best.

Create an organized resume that includes all the experiences you have earned in the field of web designing. List out all the degrees, certifications, freelance jobs, camps, and internships completed in the past.

Your extra skills are like your trump card so do not hesitate to mention them in your resume. They can make you outshine in a herd of web designers. Programming proficiency is another attractive skill that you can underline in your resume. Do mention all the foreign languages you are familiar with.

The interview is your last resort to drop your impression, therefore dress in a way that automatically talks of your personality. Try rehearsing impressive straight forward answers for the frequently asked questions. Do not answer to impress, just try to be yourself.

Above all, there is no replacement for education. A good accredited program can teach you a lot more than you can learn on your own. So, look for the best programs or degrees that can hone your skills.