Ask the wedding DJ the right questions

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Plan an evening together for the conversation with the wedding DJ . That is important in all wedding hectic anyway, but in this case, it also has added value because you have to be on the same line about the content of the party. Write along and make a list. Write things that are important to you and things that you want to know from your wedding dj yorkshire . This way, you prevent things from being forgotten during the conversation. Good questions include:

  • Which genre do you play?
  • Are you a DJ who talks a lot or not?
  • How do you ensure a good atmosphere at the party?
  • How do you get everyone on the dance floor?
  • How many weddings have you been at?

Take an all-round wedding DJ

An all-round wedding DJ plays songs that everyone likes. In this way, all guests come into the feel-good mode that is needed to turn a wedding into a blast. Are you really looking for a wedding DJ in a specific music style for your wedding music? Then keep in mind that you may be the only ones having fun. That is of course allowed, but there is a chance that the first ones will already drip at 11 p.m. Common is wedding music from the ’80s,’ 90s and ’00s, dance classics, disco, and party music. A few nice songs from the Top 40 also do well at every wedding

Note the rate of your wedding DJ

wedding dj yorkshire

Cheap is expensive, but professionals rates are not necessary. An hourly rate of $ 200 per hour is average. Expensive DJs are not necessarily better, cheaper DJs are not always worse, but quality does cost money and good equipment as well. Do you have a little budget? Then you can also choose to make the wedding DJ run shorter. Better to run shorter, but totally crazy than to be annoyed for an entire evening with music that is not just that. Also ask clearly for other costs, such as travel costs.

Make clear agreements

Agree very specifically on what you value. “Start spinning at 8 p.m.” is a good example of this. Which is true: often a wedding DJ knows better how it works than you do. He can, therefore, advise you to do things differently so that you get the most out of your wedding party. The final decision is, of course, up to you. It is useful to put appointments black on white. Not only has everything had you agreed about the wedding music, but also about the financial picture. This way, you know for sure that the prices will no longer change after making the agreements. It’s about a little extra security.

Use a wish form

The wish form is very important to us. Really, use that thing and fill it in from A to Z. Write down what your favorite songs are, which music really doesn’t suit you, which song has a special meaning for you and what your opening dance will be. Nice and uncluttered, we look back on it during the party.