The New Technology of You Style and Look

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Stylist technology world

Day by day the universe can create the new and the most modern technologies. There will be created by someone and introduce to the world they just love to do that. The fashion can tell our character without anything we …

Different Hats and the Political Routes

The bowler hat quickly became a democratic hat. He was worn as a stylish accessory for a jacket suit that replaced a frock coat. The bowler hat gave a dapper look and made it possible to think that everyone could be a gentleman if he put on the right hat. The bowler hat had lost its role since the end of World War II, but in England, it remained an integral part of the official costume of the City of London until the 1960s. To this day, pots can be seen at the races in Epsom and Ascot. And today, traditionally, guard officers are required to wear a bowler hat when they dress in civilian clothes. Now you can take a look at   to understand the modern trend.

No matter how popular the top hat and bowler hat, the word that is associated primarily with a fedora. This is …