Movement and Your Choices there for You

moving company

Arrange the parking space for the removal van and any removal elevator. There is not always a free parking space in front of the door. In some municipalities, you need a permit to park the removal van on the road. An application can thus take a week to ten days. Often your mover wants to arrange this for you for a small fee. Choosing the right moving company  happens to be a very important deal here as the choice determines the fate of the things removed. You need to be extra careful for the same now.

Use a lot of packing material in the moving boxes.

Generally, wrap fragile items in newspaper or paper. And avoid a box that is too tightly packed. In the unlikely event that such a box is pushed too hard. The items in the box can crush each other. Make sure with cramp paper that there is as little movement as possible in the box.

Prepare the white goods.

Secure the drum of the washing machine and drain the water. Also, take the opportunity to clean it. Turn off the fridge and freezer a few days before the move to allow it to thaw and make it dry and clean.

Pack everything well.

moving company

Wrap as much as possible in foil and cardboard if it does not fit in a box. This way you prevent damage on the road and in the rain.

Write down where your things are.

Avoid a search through dozens of boxes and keep valuable items such as laptops and money with you. When you move, you will soon forget that.

Facilitate relocation

Throw away what does not have to be done, it will not prevent you from moving house and it will not accidentally go along with it. Arrange the means of transport: removal van, hand truck, trailer, removal dogs, tension cables, ropes, nets, removal boxes, etc.

  • Arrange timely storage if you need it.
  • Start packing on time.
  • Take apart furniture that can easily be put back together.
  • Clean your new house so that your belongings don’t get dirty there.
  • Ask friends and family to come and help if your insurance permits.
  • Arrange care of children or pets during the removal days.
  • Provide food and drink during the removal day.
  • Arrange enough cash.
  • Remove your curtains and other hanging items.
  • Keep your important papers separate.
  • Make sure you have enough new keys.
  • Ensure that all electrical devices are charged such as drills etc.

Make sure that the movers can easily unload your things and put your furniture and boxes in the right place.

  • Do not forget anything when moving?
  • Have you recorded the meter readings?
  • Have you taken out gas and electricity?
  • Have you checked all the rooms and cupboards for forgotten items?
  • Have you turned in your old keys?
  • Have you changed the address of your chipped pets?
  • Have you closed all the windows and doors?

Check your household insurance or moving insurance from the moving company. If you are about to move, it is wise to look at the policy conditions of your household insurance and the insurance options during transport. On page Insurance for household effects when moving house experts give you more information about the possibilities.