Relocate and Build but Not Loose Ethics..!

laboratory relocation

Laboratory relocation is an interconnected activity that contains efficient harmonization, proper execution with a strict timeline, careful planning, and production schedules. Understanding the movement and responsibilities of analytical instruments and also the organization’s needs and goals of our organization is a separate skillset. While maintaining the lab demands with our own set of skills, knowledge, responsibilities, and overseeing the inner works of relocation is totally burdensome. This burden happens when we entrust the resources and experience of specialists to move our lab in a successful endeavour while settling our peace in mind.

Expertise in project management

laboratory relocation

Ongoing monitoring and reassessment must be required for laboratory relocation . Sometimes best team also gets stuck in every conceivable complication. To ensure good communication and coordination from critical is done with the help of an experienced project manager. Additionally, he develops good communication among teams and makes a report, organize, track various steps to move the lab.

Communication plan

Few types are included in this communication plan. They are:

Date must be known to all scientists for the equipment how long it will available. The time period for certain equipment to decompose is known to decision-makers. Loading docks are in access in some period of time that must be known to site managers. Detailed assessment of the project must be known to operational people. Developing a good communication plan will help all stakeholders to avoid discomfort between scientists, management, lab managers, instrument vendors, facility manners, and people who execute the move. Ensure the kickoff meeting with all conduct and involved weekly meetings to ensure everyone stays on a similar page itself.

Building the correct internal team

This step is important to verify our identity and it includes all the important stakeholders from our company that can be involved. In the addition, our move is long-distance then we need duplicate teams at both sides of the project.

Regulatory compliance

During laboratory relocation, an important one is to ensure the transport regulation are met correctly. This transport regulation depends on the types of materials used and with the new and old destination. EPA, DOT, FDA, OSHA ANA IATA regulations are aligned with the help of the project team. Regulation of local needs to be adhered to. GMP guidelines are followed for heavily regulated environments like testing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. Appropriate documentation is maintained after, during, and before the move.

Chain of custody

Ensure that our chain of custody is placed in every piece of equipment, a product that we are moving so we know who is responsible for this item in the moving process. So it is important for utilizing many vendors in the movement.

Harmonization, proper execution, detailed planning, strict timelines, and production schedules are needed for the complex relocation of the lab. While managing lab demands in our own responsibility, skills, and knowledge that seems too intricate inner workings of relocation that is not in internal core competency. Most of the lab personally assigned to relocation that already has full-time jobs which are only increasing in change and important details will be looked once again. A default relocation company is not ideal, as not all facilities companies or projects get experienced in laboratory relocation.