The new arrival of charging cars

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The cars which run with the help of the battery are electric cars. It has only the electric motor that’s are connected to the wheel for running. It runs with the help of the battery. We can charge the battery when it gets drain. There are some battery recharge stations in all the places like the petrol bunks it does not comes in all places of INDIA but in the foreign is the main essential like all.

ae webpage , tells that all countries are started to uses the battery vehicle than petrol and diesel vehicles. So the brands are starting the production the cars for double the first ones.

So the electric vehicle is started moving faster in the market. The market for electric vehicles is going for a high so they are in tax issues that laid on the vehicle are high as compared to others.

But the specifications are really good. If we charged a car for one hour we drive for more than 2 hours the money for charging is very low that’s compared to petrol or diesel filling. There are some fast-charging stations are there in many cities.

Ride with electric car

ae webpage

My friend brought a new electric car in America. It looks too beautiful and the color scheme is an awesome one. It doesn’t look like an electric car it looks like a racing car. The motor used in the cars is very good it is ab high powered motors. The pick up of the car is very good and the good brakes. It reaches 100 at only 4 sec. This is an awesome pickup it is good for highway riding. The battery is very bigger and is used in the car. We are planned to go on a trip to California for some business purposes. My friend said that we go into an electric car.

So we started driving. I said that I can drive the car so I started. I feel very good it is one of the smooth motors that’s I never drive in my lifetime. I liked the car very much. After traveling half the distance. We planned to refill the fuel for the battery. So we rest the car near a fuel filling station.

At there we tell to fill the battery fully. In the car, the fast charging option is also allowed. So it takes only ab half an hour to refill the full battery. The charges laid on the refilling the fuel is very low that is compared to any petrol are diesel cars. It is a pollution-free motor. There is no pollution in the moto so it is eco friendly. It is the main reason that the government is suggesting electric cars to buy. All the countries are turned to electric cars and many brands are being popular in many countries. Due to this petrol and diesel vehicle gets the low market value. So the other brands who manufacture petrol and diesel care are also started manufacturing electric cars. By increasing the production of the electric car are to happen to get flow every wherein all the places in all countries.