Great Values for the Best Chainsaw

Being developed by German experts, the chainsaw has taken one of the leading positions in the modern market and has become a worthy competitor to many modern devices of this category. For all technical specifications and price, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw belongs to the class of household appliances that are used for households. For this reason, the device is quite light in weight and very easy to operate and maintain. One of its main features is a translucent fuel tank. You can visit for the best options in the choices of the chainsaws.

The model was developed and released in two versions, which differ from each other by the length of the working tire. In the first case, it is 35 cm and in the second 40 cm. Moreover, the power of the devices is the same. Also, in both versions, an automatic lubrication function and an inertial brake are available. The presence of an inertial brake circuit makes working with the saw much safer and minimizes the risk of losing control of the device during sawing.

Household chainsaw model STIHL MS 180

In addition, for the convenience of users, the developers have provided an anti-vibration system. This allows you to significantly reduce the load on the muscles and makes the use of the tool convenient even for inexperienced users. Among other technical characteristics it is worth noting:

  • Power of the device is 1.5 kW / 2 hp
  • Fuel tank volume – 143 cm³;
  • Chain pitch for chainsaw Calm 180 – 6.5 mm;
  • Weight – 3.9 kg.

With all these characteristics, the price of the Shtil 180 chainsaw is 13 thousand rubles or 16 thousand rubles, depending on the version. However, in addition to the basic configuration, it is permissible to purchase add-ons designed to make working with the device easier and more convenient. For example, the most common addition is the quick chain tension system for Calm chainsaw. This allows you to simplify the adjustment and make it more convenient and quick.

In addition to the chain regulator for the Stihl chainsaw, the developers offered users another useful addition called ElastoStart. It allows you to minimize the tremors that often accompany the start of a two-stroke engine, thus reducing the load on the muscles and joints. STIHL chainsaws are characterized by modern technical characteristics, ease of use and excellent quality.

Other models from the Calm chainsaw catalog: prices and features

It goes without saying that the Shtil MS 180 chainsaw, the price and characteristics of which were considered earlier, is not the only product that is presented by this company. There are several more models that are worthy of attention and can be viewed by users as a great option for purchase. But whichever model you choose, you should adhere to some manufacturer’s recommendations in order to extend the life of the tool:

The first time after purchase, the device must be run-in. For this purpose, a chainsaw should be used at moderate power, not reaching the limit level. This should be done before the third tank refueling;

Also, some parts for the Calm chainsaw require break-in. In particular, this applies to the chain, which in the first few uses should be pulled as often and stronger as possible. After the chain has cooled, it must be loosened.