Powered Vehicle Like Car Chargers

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Powered vehicle means electric vehicle like the car which use electricity as a fuel to run the car. For that, we have special charge stations in which we can receive electric power to recharge the batteries in the car. As in our normal fuel station, we have another device for charging electric vehicles. When we reach the fuel station, it will be visible we have to park near the line and we just click here  on that filling button to start charging. This will not happen within seconds we need to wait for some time to receive the indication from the machine or our vehicle that recharge is done. Then the charge is displayed in the meter that how much we charged and the money we have to pay is also displayed. We have to select the paying option in the machine and do the payment. There is various payment mode like the card, cash, etc. There are very good features for the powered vehicle because it has many good advantages. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

  • The pollution-free environment is a major advantage of an electric vehicle because it does not have an exhaust system in the vehicle. It does not release any carbon gases so the environment is saved because of this and the effects of that emission like global warming will be decreased. Hence we can save the environment by using e-vehicles.
  • Low-cost fuel: electricity is considered as a low-cost fuel when compared to gas and other liquid fuels. We can run around three times more than spending on other fuel. The electricity can be generated within the vehicle itself by having a solar panel on the top of the vehicle.
  • Cheaper to maintain: the electric vehicle engines are very less servicing and contain no exhaust materials.
  • Quiet vehicle: the electric vehicle produces very low noise when compared to the gas or liquid fuel vehicle. So it prevents noise pollution.
  • Compact use: the powered vehicle is very easy to drive because the method of driving is simple and it has many technologies like self-driving and all. So it prevents accidents and became a safer mode of modern transportation.

Like the same, we have many disadvantages in the system by using vehicles. There are some disadvantages listed below.

  • Buying an electric car or vehicle is a high cost when compared to the normal vehicle. But the government is giving some tax incentives to buy the car because it is doing good for the environment.
  • Nonavailability of fuel stations: for normal fuel, we have many fuel stations in the road within a short distance. But for the electric car, we don’t have many fuel stations because it is a developing technology. We have to search for the fuel station for electric vehicles. And also we cannot drive for long without searching for the fuel station. It is not often found.
  • Spending more time to recharge: In a normal liquid or gas fuel vehicle we can refill the fuel in some minutes and we can start driving. But here the scenario is not the same. We have to wait for some long time for the electric vehicle should get fully charged. So the time for the recharge is also higher when compared to the normal vehicles.