Great Choices for The Best Action Movies for You

The cinematographic genre allows films to be categorized taking into account what characterizes them. The main cinematographic types and genres, of course, a film can belong to several categories at the same time. This is often the case with large works such as Métropolis or Mulholland Drive which are impossible to store in a box. From you can find the finest choices now.

Primitive Cinema

Primitive cinema refers to films that were made before the First World War. For example, Georges Méliès’ films fall into this category.

The Horror Movie

The horror film is also called a horror film. This type of film designates a cinema which shows scenes which arouse the spectator’s fear and fear. For example, we can cite the Freddy Krueger saga or the cult Bad Taste.

The Disaster Film

The disaster film tells a story about an accident or a natural cataclysm. Special effects are important for this type of film, which almost always endangers the lives of the characters.

Science Fiction Film

The science fiction film often takes place in the more or less near future. The sets and the scenario are completely imaginary, even if the effects of reality can exist. Star Wars, Back to the Future, Ready Player One or Jurassic Park are films belonging to the category of science fiction films. Note also that there are sub-branches in this category like space opera or steampunk.

The Historical Film

The historical film tells a historical fact. Films that take place in a past era whose plot is not authenticated as a historical fact do not fall into this category. Schindler’s list, Amadeus, The Longest Day are popular historical films.

Romantic Cinema

A romantic film practices telling a story with rose water, the feelings of the heart are central.

The Film Comedy

Originally, a comedy was a play that made the viewer laugh. The comedy genre in cinema designates by extension a film which provokes the amusement of the public.

The Animated Film

The cartoon represents the most used animation technique but other techniques exist computer-generated image, plasticine, painting, sand, puppets, and figurines.

Dramatic Cinema

A dramatic film generally adopts a serious tone. The story tells of serious human or societal problems that can lead the spectator towards a feeling of sadness.

The Action Movie

Action films show scenes that are often spectacular: explosion, fall, fight, car race. Hollywood cinema gives an important place to action films.

The Documentary Film

The documentary film is used to transmit knowledge. Fiction does not exist for this cinematographic genre which is governed by real facts. In other words, it would, therefore, be impossible to write a screenplay for a documentary film. In reality, a new genre has appeared: the documentary fiction, which reproduces historical events with actors. The biopic is one of them. A biopic, contraction of a biographic picture, is a work of fiction telling the biography of a famous person like Winston Churchill for example.

According to the historiography of the genre, the name “film noir” was forged in France in 1946 to characterize American film products. Since that date, it has been customary to reserve this generic term for Hollywood films only and to consider this genre as an American specificity. In the 1990s, Anglo-Saxon researchers certainly undertook to dissociate the genre from the only American cinema: Charles O’Brien thus showed that the label “film noir” was initially used in France before the Second World War, to talk about a set of French films close to “poetic realism”, before being “reoriented” after the war to designate American fiction.